AUDM staff members fippling the final reveal sign
AUDM: Flip the Five
GIF for Sarah Hendrickson Ski Jump
Ski Jump

AUDM Animated GIF

Completed: Spring 2017

Flip the Five: In public relations style and design we strengthened our knowledge and skills with creating multiple projects in conjunction with this digital resume and portfolio. An animated GIF was one of those projects. Using Adobe Photoshop, I created this animated GIF of my friends and I flipping Auburn University Dance Marathon's (AUDM) final reveal signs. In 2017, AUDM made history and raised over half a million dollars for our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. From 2014 through 2017 I was fortunate enough to be selected for AUDM's staff. Each year we grew stronger and made a greater impact on our hospital. Proud of what we accomplished, I decided to transform the video – which can be found in the slider of this page and my home page – to an animated GIF. For the video, I planned the filming and assembled a crew of AUDM staff members. After the video was filmed, I imported the videos to layers in Photoshop. I then increased the seconds per frame to make the video loop faster. Once I was pleased with the tempo, I exported and saved the file for the web as a GIF. Click on the GIF to view a larger version in a new tab.

Ski Animated GIF

Completed: Spring 2017

Ski Jumper: Along with my AUDM animated GIF, to further enhance my GIF skills in Photoshop I created this GIF of Sarah Hendrickson, a member of the Women’s US Ski Jump Team. Hendrickson has had multiple ski career highlights including winning the 2013 World Championships. I chose to create a skiing animated GIF because I have a strong interest in skiing and I love watching professionals at work, especially ski jumpers. Prior to creating this GIF, I had heard of the Women’s US Ski Jump Team and briefly heard of Hendrickson so I searched for ski jumping videos. I used the Women’s Ski Team website to search for videos of Hendrickson. The full video I used for my GIF can be found on her information site. By clicking on the GIF, you can view a larger version.