Tiger Pit Stop

Completed: Spring 2016

Project Description: Public Relations Campaigns is a capstone class for Auburn University public relations majors. Campaigns provided knowledge in applying communication and public relations techniques to a real client’s PR situation. Campaigns challenged us to create an experiential marketing campaign for our clients, FOX Sports and Auburn Sports Properties, the primary marketer for Auburn Athletics. Each group was provided a specific industry to create a campaign that Auburn Sports Properties could use to engage the Auburn community.

My group and I constructed a complex campaign to unite the convenience store industry with the Auburn University brand. We designed and conceptually developed a convenience store phone app campaign. Tiger Pit Stop is a phone app that the Auburn community – students, employees, visitors and residents – can use to gain points at partnering convenience stores. The points would be equivalent to a certain discount or dollar amount that users can redeem for gas or merchandise. Users could gain points and prizes by checking in at Auburn Athletic events, purchasing “official items” of the Auburn Tigers at participating convenience stores. Additionally, we wanted to promote the importance of the Auburn family through our campaign so our app provided a safety feature that discouraged users to text a drive. “Phones Up While Driving” is a tracking feature that recorded the time or distance the user’s phone remained locked while driving. The longer the time or distance the more points the user could earn.

Our comprehensive campaign consisted of six sections: an executive summary, goals and objectives, concept, execution, evaluation and conclusion. You can view my group’s full complex campaign – nearly 50 pages in length – by clicking on the first Tiger Pit Stop thumbnail. The presentation version of our campaign can be found by clicking on the second Tiger Pit Stop thumbnail. We presented our campaign idea to our clients using this shortened presentation as well as provided them with a printed version of our full campaign. To learn more about FOX Sports University, click on their logo.

Completed Tiger Pit Stop Campaign
Campaign Presentation to Client
Fox Sports University Logo