Group Case Study

Completed: Spring 2016

Target Cyber Attack: In class, we were tasked with dividing into groups then as a group deciding what company to study. We could study a positive or negative public relations situation, but we were not allowed to use a case previously discussed in class or textbook. My group decided on the 2013 Target Credit Card Hack, the largest cyber attack in history. We chose this crisis because of personal experience with the hack and the impact it had on the global consumer.

Final Case Report and Presentation: As a final case study, we were responsible for researching the company, the public relations issue and determining our stance on the crisis management response. Using our research and acquired class knowledge, we were responsible for writing a full report and creating a presentation which we presented at the end of the semester. Click on the presentation logo to view the full presentation and Target's logo to access the full group case report.

Individual Case Studies

Completed: Spring 2016

IHOP's Social Media Flop: The individual case studies allowed us to utilize our writing and researching skills as well as our knowledge on identifying positive and negative public relations responses. In 2015, IHOP’s social media campaign meant to attract the “hip” and younger generations flopped. Although some posts were humorous, the campaign crossed a negative line and was a poorly handled issue. Click on the IHOP logo to access my full individual case study.

Wounded Warrior Project’s Misallocation of Funds: Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is the largest nonprofit organization that benefits veterans and current military members. In 2016, though, WWP was under investigation for allocating money toward employees and company benefits rather than providing support for veterans. WWP’s negative response to the crisis caused the organization to suffer. Click on WWP's logo to access my full individual case study.