Auburn University Class of 2017

The Auburn Creed states, "I believe in work, hard work. I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully," are words I have come to live by. In my three years, Auburn instilled the value of a rich education and the beauty of having a spirit that is not afraid. It is the words of the Auburn Creed that I will hold true and apply in all my future endeavors.

I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations Communications and a minor in general business. Besides three years of life-long memories, Auburn University provided classes that increased my knowledge in public relations, communications, journalism and business. Through the rigorous coursework, I was tasked with a variety of work that will benefit me with whatever the work industry presents.

Supporting & Relevant Coursework

In this section, you will find a list of all the classes I took that directly relate or support a public relations communications major. These classes range from public relations courses to media law journalism classes. By clicking on each class title you will find a more detailed description with specific objectives or projects from the class.

  • Digital Style and Design

    With applicable, professional projects and curriculum, Public Relations Messages in Digital Style and Design was by far one of my favorite classes I took at Auburn. This class was a unique course that combined traditional public relations communications practices with digital media. Through this class, I created this Digital Resume and Portfolio. Some of what I learned consisted of using Adobe Products, WordPress and Codecademy. This class also allowed me to strengthen my writing and photography skills.

  • Campaigns

    Public Relations Campaigns provided applicable experience in designing and implementing a PR campaign. We learned about the construction of, the teamwork involved with and the techniques used for an effective campaign. Our knowledge was tested through the development of our own campaign for our client.

  • Research

    Public Relations Research provided the tools and techniques to conduct successful research. We were tasked with completing a semester research project for our assigned clients. Through this class I learned the benefit of teamwork, research problem-solving, project management and the methodology for determining the best research direction for our client.

  • Multimedia Writing for Public Relations

    This class provided the knowledge and understanding of writing techniques for public relations. From news releases to social media posts and brochures to backgrounds, we learned the different writing formats to complete a full media kit. We were responsible for creating an imaginary company then writing and designing a media kit for that company. Multimedia writing combined the importance of strong writing with emerging digital media. This class strengthened writing abilities to meet various formats and writing criteria.

  • Case Studies

    Case Studies was one of the more interesting courses I took for public relations. We were taught the effective and ineffective methods of public relations through true case studies that have occurred in the PR industry. The class also taught the importance of case studies and how to construct a decent study. When presented a case study, we analyzed the public relations team's strengths, weaknesses and suggested alternative solutions. We were responsible for researching and completing two individual case studies as well as a final group case report and presentation.

  • Foundations of Public Relations

    Foundations of Public Relations was an introductory course that focused on the broad topic of “What is public relations?” through history and industry fundamentals. We learned how the PR industry is structured and managed. This class provided an overall description of the industry as well as the career opportunities with a public relations degree.

  • Journalism Fundamentals

    This was one of the more difficult prerequisite classes for the School of Communications and Journalism. We were taught and tested on spelling, spelling rules, Strunk/Word usage and the Associated Press Style. This class was strictly pass or fail on a higher, more intense grading scale than other courses. I learned skills and techniques I continously use.

  • Concepts of Communications and Journalism

    Concepts of communications and journalism provided an overview of communication theories, forms and industries. The class focused on introducing the primary communicaiton methods and the many ways humans communicate with each other. To better develop our understanding, we applied these concepts to both negative and positive communications case studies.

  • Public Speaking

    Introduction to public speaking provided knowledge on basic public speaking techniques, different speech formats and how to create speeches for different purposes or platforms. This class allowed us to test our acquired knowledge with writing five speeches – an ungraded characteristic placement, introductory, informative, persuasive value and persuasive policy.

  • Newswriting

    Introduction to newswriting provided an overview of newswriting techniques, news values, the structure of news rooms and the importance of recognizing parts of a story. The class focused on writing accurate stories that met standards of the Associate Press, ethics and law. We were responsible for writing three news stories and a final, in-depth news report.

  • Mass Media Law and Regulation

    Mass Media Law and Regulation was another personal favorite. This class focused on the laws and regulations that control speech and media. The class moved through history to discuss the government’s – local, state and federal – influence over the media, media content, speech and journalism as well as guaranteed media protections. The class was structured on the foundation and importance of the First Amendment, and then continued through current media regulations. We studied several important media-centric court cases and the outcomes of each case.

  • Reporting

    This course provided the foundations for gathering and telling news for print and digital media. Reporting further developed the skills taught in Newswriting. We were responsible for writing accurate and clear stories in different reporting formats. We were also tasked with attending Auburn City Council meetings and reporting on points discussed at each meeting.

  • Visual Communications

    Visual Communications provided knowledge and understanding of literacy with emphasis on the impact of visual media in informative, interpretive and persuasive messages. The class focused on the power of visual communication in marketing, photography, artwork, motion pictures and advertisements. We discussed the importance of the six visual perspectives – personal, historical, cultural, technical, ethical and critical – in discussion papers and weekly visual journals.

  • Intercultural Communication

    This class provided the role of communication in different cultures. We learned how to avoid communication conflicts between cultures and the techniques used for effective intercultural communication.

Business Minor

In this section, you will find a list of the classes I completed for my minor. With a business minor, I had the ability to choose between two levels of each class listed. I chose principles, the class designed for business majors, to better challenge and strengthen my business knowledge. These classes provided me with basic understanding of the business and marketing industry. By clicking on each class title, you will find a more detailed description of each class.

General Business Coursework

This class taught the economic principles of consumer behavior in scarcity, choice, production, cost, supply and demand in the market. The class focused on the role of the government within the market and market failure. We were faced with situational questions and exercises to test our acquired knowledge.

This class taught the principles of measuring economic performance and the macroeconomic theory in terms of monetary and fiscal policy. Like microeconomics, this class presented situational questions and exercises to test our knowledge.

This class introduced the business world in legal terms. The class focused on different legal requirements as well as legal failures that have occurred in the industry. We were presented with situational exercises and contract case studies.

This class was one of the more difficult classes to accomplish for my business minor. It taught the foundations of financial accounting, the concepts of reading financial statements and the basics of accounting communication.

Business Finance was by far my favorite business class I took at Auburn. This class focused on the understanding of business finance in the corporate industry. Business Finance taught topics like capital budgeting, the value of money and the basics finances. Like other business classes, we were presented with situational questions and experiences that can be used in real scenarios.

This class was designed to present the basics of the marketing industry. It focused on the functions and basic problems in marketing goods, services and brands in a global economy.

This class was designed to teach the importance of an effective management team. This class focused on the many levels of management as well as management structures for different sized businesses.

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