Colorado Fourteeners

Project Description: Canva Infographic - In Colorado, adventuring in the mountains is a lifestyle and hiking to the top of fourteeners is an exciting factor of that lifestyle. Hiking has grown into one of my favorite hobbies so using "Colorado Fourteeners" as my infographic topic was ideal. Once I chose my Canva template, I collected some of my own photographs from my adventures hiking fourteeners. I photographed the header image on the summit of Huron Peak, elevation 14,003 feet. The image of the two peaks on the right is Maroon Peak, 14,156 feet, and North Maroon Peak, 14,014 feet, most know these iconic peaks as Maroon Bells. Although the elevation of these two peaks is lower than other 14ers, these are daunting mountains to summit. Most people who visit Maroon Bells, view and photograph the famous mountains from the base. The third image in the lower left I took on the summit of Mt. Elbert, Colorado's tallest 14er and the third highest summit in the lower 48. I used pre-designed text and thoughtfully placed my photographs and information in the template. Click on the image below to access my full infographic. For more 14er information click website or on the link in my infographic.

Why Travel Matters

Project Description: Adobe Photoshop Infographic - Travel teaches lessons difficult to teach in a classroom. Travel allows for personal growth, new experiences and problem solving. From Europe to Africa and North America to South America, I have been fortunate to experience a variety of travel destinations. I have a heart for adventure and a love for travel. Using my personal knowledge and referencing Lifehack Blog, I created this travel infographic with my personal photographs. The header image was photographed at Crooked Island in Mexico Beach, Florida. The top image in the "Check off your Bucket List" panel was taken as I wondering the streets of Cartagena, Columbia. The middle image is Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a fortress in the city of Cartagena. The bottom image was is of Crystal Mill in Marble, Colorado. By clicking on the image to the right, my full infographic will open in a new tab.