"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not." -Dr. Seuss

Growing up you're often told you should participate in a certain activity because it's a "resume builder" and you need a full resume to succeed in your career. While partially true, I have always followed the saying "build a life, not a resume" because it is through your experiences you truly succeed. My goal is to one day make an impact on the community around me. I am passionate about philanthropy, work and adventure. I love to be involved and I thrive on work that makes a difference. The involvement opportunities I have been fortunate enough to experience have shaped who I am as an individual. My passion for serving others flourished through community service and campus involvement. Below you will find a list of my most recent philanthropic work and involvement activities with detailed descriptions of my experience. Also, at the bottom of this page, there is a complete list of all the organizations I have volunteered with in the past.

Most Recent Involvement

  • Auburn University Dance Marathon (AUDM)

    Making miracles happen since 2012

    AUDM is a student-run organization raising money for the local Children's Miracle Network Hospital (CMNH). Dance Marathon is a nationwide movement inspiring colleges and high schools across the country to raise awareness and funds for the Children's Miracle Network (CMN). As a nationwide organization, dance marathon offers unique opportunities for students to network with other colleges passionate about this organization. It also allows students across the country to collaborate ideas, solutions and fundraisers with the motivation of being for the kids (FTK).

    On February 11, 2017, AUDM hosted its sixth event and raised $541,832.06, bringing their fundraising total to $1,571,809. For the 2017 event, I raised over $1,900, surpassing my personal goal.

    From 2014 to 2017, I had the privilege to participate on AUDM's staff as a committee member, assistant director, and then director of high school relations. As a committee, we motivated local high and middle schools to join the dance marathon family by hosting a mini-dance marathon (MDM). We gathered contacts, communicated with schools, provided information and helped schools start their own fundraising for an MDM. Through this process, I was often ignored or told the school was not interested. It was a constant challenge and a frustrating waiting game, but I did not let this stop me. When faced with rejections, I remained positive and inspired the committee to believe we would not stop until we landed a MDM. We never gave up because the kids we were supporting never stop fighting.

    In April 2016, while assistant director, we partnered with St. Luke School (SLS) in Columbus, GA to hold one of the first ever middle school CMNH mini-dance marathons. SLS MDM received some assistance from our committee but otherwise they led the event. The event raised over $11,000.

    The idea that a smaller program like AUDM impacts the nationwide dance marathon movement is incredible. The most inspiring aspect of AUDM is witnessing miracles happen for the kids. Until they do, I will continue to support this movement and the kids who fight each day. I met incredible families who, through everything, never cease smiling, and I sadly dealt with the passing of one of our amazing miracle kids, Martin. Martin said, "It's funny because cancer doesn't know every time it comes back, I come back stronger. I got this." Cancer didn't win this battle, Martin did. Martin won by the way he lived, by the way he fought and by the legacy he left.

    AUDM taught lessons a class lecture never could. It presented me with extraordinary life skills and taught me the responsibility of patience. The Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement provided me with strong qualities that I will hold true in any opportunity.

    You can find projects and assignments I completed for AUDM in the project experience section of my portfolio.

  • Project Sanctuary

    Serving military families since 2007

    Project Sanctuary is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that benefits military families with therapeutic retreats and family activities. Their mission is taking military families from battle ready to family ready through ART - assessing the need, reconnecting the family and thriving into the future. Since 2015, I have volunteered at Project Sanctuary's retreats as well as with the Operation Project Sanctuary (O.P.S.) Gala.

    Through volunteering with this organization, I have witnessed the incredible growth of our nation's heroes through their participation in retreats. The first retreat I supported was a smaller retreat specifically for the families of military members who have PTSD or traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Retreat day one consisted of nerves, anxiety, negative triggers and quiet vibes between families. As the retreat continued, the member's PTSD or TBI was calmed and slowly became less dominant. Families were laughing together, growing together and building strong bonds together. By the end of the retreat, friendships were created and the transformation of military members and their families was truly inspiring.

    Project Sanctuary operates on a donation basis and works nonstop to raise funds to support military families. It costs roughly $30,000 to send 10 families on a retreat and all services are free of charge to participating military families. O.P.S. is Project Sanctuary's annual fundraising gala with auctions, a banquet dinner, entertainment and special Project Sanctuary news. In 2016, the first O.P.S. Gala raised over $130,000. I have worked on the marketing and promotions team as the social media coordinator since late 2015. As media coordinator, my responsibility is promoting the gala and mission of Project Sanctuary across multiple platforms. This position has allowed me to develop skills in content development, content scheduling, Hootsuite and photography. I also have the responsibility of contacting Colorado publications, both print and digital, to promote the gala on event calendars and in community articles.

    Project Sanctuary combines my passions of serving others and giving back to the military, an organization that has benefitted and shaped my family. This volunteer experience has enhanced my ability to communicate with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. This organization has had a deep impact on my character and I plan to continue my support.

    You can find projects and assignments I completed for Project Sanctuary in the project experience section of my portfolio.

  • Deep Run Marathon Dance (DRMD)

    Benefitting the Richmond community since 2007

    DRMD is a year-long fundraiser that culminates with a 27-hour event that raises money for charities in the Richmond, VA area. With the strength of the entire community and its sponsors, DRMD is an event like no other. In its 11 years, DRMD has raised over $1.8 million for roughly 90 charities. Since 2009, I have been volunteering with this inspiring event which introduced me to some of the most important individuals in my life.

    From 2009 to 2011, I volunteered as a student dancer at DRMD. In 2011, I was selected for the 50-member student committee and was named a junior committee head later that year. The student committee was responsible for reviewing charity applications to determine the beneficiaries, implementing numerous fundraising events, planning the event schedule and promoting DRMD to gain support from the community and alumni. In 2012, I was chosen as senior chairperson to lead the student committee. It wasn't until this opportunity that I refined my leadership skills and interest in event planning. I was responsible for leading meetings, finalizing committee decisions and working closely with DRMD's director. While the director was on maternity leave, I assumed many of her responsibilities.

    I enjoyed my time as a dancer and a committee member, but my leadership role made DRMD's impact much stronger. As a dancer, I learned the skill of perseverance and the importance of mind over matter. As a committee member, I improved personal skills in teamwork, creativity and decision making. As a leader, I enhanced my public speaking skills, strengthened my confidence, learned to stand up for what I believe and witnessed the power of hard work.

    DRMD rewarded me with life-long skills, memories and relationships. It is because of DRMD I was introduced to my mentors and friends who I can constantly count on and connect with through the marathon family.

    You can find projects and assignments I completed for DRMD in the project experience section of my portfolio.

  • Social Sorority

    Member from 2014-2017 || Alumna for life

    In my time at Auburn, I have had the pleasure of belonging to the Phi Theta Chapter of Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) Sorority. This membership has provided friends and memories which defined my college experience.

    In my first year, I participated in weekly chapter meetings and philanthropic activities for our national and local charities. In November 2015, I was selected by the chapter as Risk Management Officer. My duties were to oversee the safety of our chapter through coordinating security tests and providing health and safety resources for our members. My officer position also required collaboration with the entire officer council. As risk management officer, I utilized skills including leadership, teamwork and Excel for security tests. I also coordinated safety drivers for all sorority events.

    Personally, the primary purpose of Tri Delta is our philanthropy work. At Panhellenic Convention, our chapter was recognized for our outstanding philanthropic work benefiting childhood cancer research. We were also acknowledged by Tri Delta National with the most outstanding philanthropy award. Our chapter is fortunate enough to benefit three organizations – one local and two national philanthropies – each year.

    Our main national philanthropy is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The second national philanthropy we support is Alex's Lemonade Stand, a national childhood cancer foundation. Every fall we hold a lemonade stand on Auburn's concourse to raise money and awareness for this foundation. The amazing aspect is that the money we raise through our lemonade stand is directed to St. Jude. We also host Delta House of Pancakes (DHOP), an all you can eat pancake dinner, and Sincerely Yours, a campaign of sending fundraising letters to benefit St. Jude. Our local philanthropy is Camp Smile-A-Mile (Camp SAM), Alabama's program for toddlers, kids and teens with cancer. Camp SAM also provides programs and support for the entire family. Every spring we host Sundaes for SAM, an all you can eat ice cream sundae buffet. Additionally, every October, we hold an "I wear gold..." campaign to raise awareness for childhood cancer research.

    I have unfortunately lost two friends to childhood cancer so supporting these philanthropies is important to me. A highlight of my time in Tri Delta was visiting St. Jude and Tri Delta Place in Memphis, TN. The visit reinforced my dedication for volunteering.

    You can find projects and assignments I completed for my Tri Delta officer position in the project experience section of my portfolio.

High School Relations Committee 2016-2017 - AUDM Director. Forever For The Kids.
Operation Project Sanctuary Gala Social Media Team. Serving our Nation's Heroes
Finale celebration with the Deep Run Marathon Dance Director. 11 years strong.
Visiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital & Tri Delta Place. Reason why I wear gold.
Past Philanthropic Experiences
  • Project Uplift - mentor for at risk youth
    Mountain Resource Center - volunteer grant writer and researcher
    Ronald McDonald House - work and volunteer
    Best Buddies - peer buddy and mentor
    Fisher House Foundation - volunteer
    A Grace Place - volunteer
    Freedom House Foundation - volunteer
    Miracle League - volunteer buddy
    ASPCA - volunteer