Completed: Spring 2017

Project Description: Using Adobe InDesign and my writing samples, I created my 16-page magazine, TURNING Point. The name TURNING Point stems from my last name, Turnley, and my passion for exploration. This passion also inspired my idea to use a compass for my magazine's logo. As you explore, your direction changes causing the compass to turn. As you read through TURNING Point the compass turns to different subjects or actions you should point your life toward. TURNING Point is your guide to turning your life to adventure, health, travel and involvement. This magazine includes the six stories I have written for Extension Daily and Auburn Family, two local publications. It also includes Activate Your Impact, an involvement feature that I wrote for personal use.
May 2017 Letter from the Editor: You know what they say, “April showers brings May flowers,” but do you know what else May brings? Prime time for TURNING Point in your life! From endless summer traveling to maintaining good health and adventuring beyond your comfort zone to involvement in your community, TURNING Point in your life has never been easier. In this issue of TURNING Point, health is a primary focus. I wanted to shine a light on the importance of exercise, proper nutrition and stress reduction. Turning point to travel, you’ll learn 5 reasons to travel during your college career. Now point to involvement, you’ll find stories about the importance of diving all in with volunteering and even some great organizations to activate your involvement. Lastly, turn to adventure and trying new things. The story "Finding your Home away from Home" informs you on the positives of stepping out of your comfort zone. With a heart for adventure and a passion for serving, I have always been one to find my turning point with a positive attitude. What makes your life important? What makes you happy? What makes you strive for success? What fuels your fire? Find your TURNING Point! View my full magazine below or click the link to open it in a new tab.