Americans for Veterans

Completed: Spring 2016
Media Kit in WordPress.

Project Description: Media kits disseminate information or a unified message about an organization to media outlets. It provides background information, often introduces or announces a special event and supplies important information during crises. Many media kits appear in online press rooms for immediate journalist access. To view my full media kit click on the Americans for Veterans logo, but my media kit was originally created in a WordPress blog.

This digital media kit I created in my multimedia writing for public relations class was a combination of promotional and special event media kits. We were responsible for creating a fictional client and then creating public relations writing for that client. Growing up in a military family combined with my passion for benefiting our nation’s heroes and involvement with military nonprofits, my fictional client, Americans for Veterans (A4V), was born. A4V is a nonprofit organization that provides benefits for veterans and promotes the well-being of veterans and their families, with a focus on decreasing veteran homelessness in the US. For years, I have researched and focused my attention on the veteran homelessness issue facing our society so I directed A4V’s attention toward this issue. A4V is working to launch Homes for Heroes (H4H), a new outreach and reintegration program for homeless veterans. From the start in 2002, A4V has benefitted 1000+ military personnel and 500+ veteran families. A4V is headquartered in Washington D.C. and will launch H4H from their D.C. office, then integrate it into their different outreach centers located in Utah, Texas and Colorado.

Each section of my media kit was created for an individual class assignment which was later grouped to form my final project. In my media kit, you will find a backgrounder, a feature release, a news release, a media advisory, a speech, an internal memorandum and a pitch letter. I also created a brochure for my media kit, which you can access by clicking on the brochure thumbnail or on the brochure page of my portfolio. All information found in the media kit was written and created by me, and the founder of A4V is a fictional character. The only legitimate information includes the address found in the media advisory, research used throughout my media kit and the names of individuals other than Michael Long and Billy Smith.

Americans for Veterans Logo
Americans for Veterans Brochure