Welcome to my portfolio homepage! Here you will find different projects I have completed during my time at Auburn. My portfolio also contains projects I have completed from past internships, involvement activities and volunteer work. With photography being an important hobby, my portfolio has a section dedicated to the photography I have taken over the past years. You can access all my projects by clicking on the thumbnails below or the project titles in the portfolio navigation tab.

Portfolio Overview

Magazine: For public relations style and design, we were tasked with creating a 16-page magazine. To complete this project, we applied our acquired knowledge with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. To learn more about this project as well as view my full magazine, click on the magazine thumbnail below.

Brochure: In style and design, we also applied our skills with Adobe InDesign to create a brochure. I have also included my personal marketing brochure. You can view both brochures on this page.

Media Kit: In multimedia writing for public relations we were tasked with creating a complete media kit for a fictional client. Click the thumbnail below to view each section of the media kit as well as access the WordPress link for my full kit.

Social Media Release: This was another project created for my public relations style and design class in conjunction with my digital resume and portfolio. The release is about the Operation Project Sanctuary Gala (O.P.S.), a fundraising benefit for Project Sanctuary. Click the thumbnail below to access my complete social media release. You can also view this release on my blog.

Project Experience: This page contains projects completed outside of school for my internship and involvement work. Anything from social media content to Excel content calendars can be found in this section.

Tutorial: This was another project we were tasked to complete in conjunction with this digital resume and portfolio. My tutorial is a how-to video about creating a logo using Adobe Photoshp You can access my full tutorial and project description in this section.

Logo: My logo can be found all over my website, by clicking on this thumbnail you will find a description of why I designed my logo the way I did and what my logo means to me.

Case Study: Here you will find my two individual case studies as well as my final group case report. For the final case study, we created a presentation and completed a final report. Both are available in this section.

Animated GIF: Using Photoshop, we created a GIF of a topic of our choice. I created two GIF, one of friends flipping AUDM's money signs and one of Sarah Hendrickson, a professional skiier. You can view both GIFs by clicking on the appropriate thumbnail.

Infographic: I created two infographics, one on Canva and one with Photoshop. Click the thumbnail to access my full infographics with descriptions for each graphic.

Survey Research: We were responsible for implementing a research method and analyzing our collected data for our client. You can find my final presentation and research report in this section.

Campaign: In this section, you will find my group campaign project and presentation for FOX Sports University and Auburn University Athletic Department.

Photography: My photography can be found throughout my website as header images, thumbnail images, featured skills and here in my portfolio. By clicking on the photography thumbnail, you can view my work and access an interactive PDF I created specifically for my photography.