Welcome to my resume homepage! Here you can find a brief overview of my resume sections as well as access links to my education, experience, involvement, skills, resume PDF and portfolio pages.

Resume Overview

Education: On this page, you will find my education history including coursework relevant to my major as well as descriptions for each class. This page also contains coursework descriptions for my business minor.

Experiences: This page will provide my current and past work experiences. Throughout my college career, I had the opportunity to intern and work with Moroch Partners, Auburn Sports Properties and The Mint Julep Boutique. After college, I launched my independent consulting company and while networking I was contacted about a full-time job opportunity as a content manager.

Involvement: I strive to fulfill my passions for serving others and impacting the lives of the community. This section of my resume contains my volunteer and extracurricular activities. During my four years in college, I was involved with different on-campus organizations and community service activities. Outside of college, though, I have experienced a wide variety of community involvement and volunteer work. The event that ignited my passion for involvement, the Deep Run Marathon Dance, I have volunteered with since freshman year of high school. By visiting my involvement page, you will find descriptions for each of the opportunities I have been fortunate enough to experience.

Skills: My skills page includes my proficiencies with a variety of products, techniques, software and qualifications. I have acquired a wide range of skills that will enhance my effectiveness in the industry.

Resume PDF: This thumbnail will direct you to my full resume PDF. You will be able to review my qualifications as well as download my resume. In addition, the PDF is also accessible from the resume tab in the navigation bar.

Portfolio: My portfolio page contains the projects I've completed for work, school, volunteer and personal use. Click the thumbnail to check out my portfolio page which contains in-depth project descriptions.