Social Media Release
Project Sanctuary

Completed: Spring 2017
Social Media Release in my blog.

Operation Project Sanctuary Gala: This social media release is based on an actual event that I am involved with and I have been approved by Project Sanctuary to promote it for this project. I created this release in conjunction with my digital resume and portfolio for my style and design class. Writing press releases is a major concept to understand for success in the public relations industry. However with the growing influence of social media and technology, social media releases are becoming more prominent. Additionally, social media releases allow companies to relay information directly to clients or customers allowing them to bypass the media.

Since 2016, I have had the privilege of serving as the social media coordinator on the marketing and promotions team for the Operation Project Sanctuary (O.P.S.) Gala. I originally created this social media release in my WordPress blog, which can be accessed from my navigation bar. I used my previous Project Sanctuary and O.P.S. Gala knowledge to write the release. For the statistics and background knowledge, I referenced Project Sanctuary's Mission Reports that I receive, Project Sanctuary's website and the gala's website. As social media coordinator, I created the O.P.S. graphic found in the release as well as at the top of this page for gala promotion. Throughout the release you can find gala specific information as well as Project Sanctuary facts. You can also access websites for the gala and Project Sanctuary for more information. Additionally, all images found in the release are hyperlinked to the websites each pertain to.

The original social media release can be found on my blog. You can also access a PDF version of my social media release by clicking on the release image. The videos found at the bottom of this page as well as in the multimedia section of my release are property of Project Sanctuary that I have been approved to share. One video is the promotion video for the 2017 O.P.S. Gala and the second video is a Project Sanctuary promotion video that was created in 2016. The Project Sanctuary video captures the many inspiring aspects of the organization.

O.P.S. Gala Graphic created by Sara Turnley