City of Auburn Research

Completed: Spring 2016

Project Description: Research, a capstone class for Auburn University public relations majors, provided applicable knowledge in using public relations and communications techniques to assist a real client’s needs. My group was responsible for working with the City of Auburn to research and determine a more effective way for the city to disseminate information to the public. Prior to research, the city informed my group that their current communication distribution methods included their website, a city newsletter sent to citizens with their monthly water bill, an email listserv and various social media platforms.

My group and I created a comprehensive research project that culminated in a final presentation and report to the City of Auburn. To initiate our research, we conducted an online survey through Qualtrics, a research management platform. Our survey consisted of 16 questions, both open and close ended, and received over 100 responses. The survey contained questions to assess attitudes about the city’s current communication techniques as well as questions to determine the most effective method to distribute city news and events. Survey participants were also questioned about current use of the city’s different communication methods and asked what updates or changes the city should make to their methods. As part of our research, our group completed a literature review that referenced academic sources regarding similar research and studies. Our final report consisted of eight sections: an introduction, a literature review, methodology, results, expectations, limitations, discussion and conclusion. Once we closed our survey research, we evaluated the data, finalized our report and presented our findings to our client.

My group’s full presentation can be viewed by clicking on the first City of Auburn Communication Research thumbnail. Our full report can be viewed by clicking on the second City of Auburn thumbnail. For more information about the City of Auburn, click on their logo.

Survey Research presentation
City of Auburn logo
Survey Research final report