Project Description: For my tutorial, I decided to discuss how to create a logo using Adobe Photoshop. Understanding how to create a logo, enhances your skills with Photoshop and increases your familiarity with different Photoshop tools. It allows for trial and error as well as your personality and creativity to be shown. Once I decided my topic, I recorded my tutorial using QuickTime Player and created a new screen recording. From there, using the built-in microphone, I walked through the steps of creating a logo.

How to Create a Logo: Open Photoshop and create a new canvas - landscape orientation & dimensions 2000 pixels by 1000 pixels
Editing your canvas - you can change the background color of the canvas if you choose to
Select the text tool - click and drag on canvas to create any sized text box. Type your name all in one text box or separate ones so you can style and place your name any way you choose
Type - style your name using any font, size and color of your choice; you can even add a stroke to make your name pop against the background
Create another text box for and repeat steps for your last name, unless you want both first and last name in the same text box
Add personality and design - you can input other images to your logo
Inserting other images or designs - open the image file in Photoshop, using the selection tool, select the portion you want in your logo, copy and paste it into your logo file. From there you can edit, erase, resize or move the image
Saving your Logo - when content with your logo, select file, export then save for web as a PNG or JPG. Also save your file as a Photoshop document (PSD) so you can make further edits if need be.

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